I Have A Plan!

You thought I was dead, didn’t you? No? Aw.
I can’t wait to get famous enough for people to start thinking I’ve died. That’s how you know you’ve made it. Someone, somewhere, suddenly rubbing their chin and going, “Hey, didn’t he die at some point?”
They’ll google me, click their way here, and BAM! Still alive, and another hit on the website.
Anyway, I’ve not done any updates because there really wasn’t much to update you about. I’ve just been sitting in the same spot and clicking on things, but now I’ve clicked on enough things to come up with stuff to tell you about. Check this out.

The Book Business
I don’t think this is news, really. I’ve not made a big secret of wanting to write more about Eddie, Rosalie, and friends. It took a bit of screwing around and entertaining myself with short stories (nope, sorry, all unfinished. You’ll just have to wait) to get some traction on Souls 2, which as of yet doesn’t have a real title yet. But there’s a good idea now and I’ve been working on it. There’s also a little bit of pressure now, because I have some awesome ideas for Souls 3, but I need to know how Souls 2 ends before I can do real work on that. But it’s going to be the same kind of ridiculous you are used to, and still something idiotically different.
Also, Dutch translations for As Far As Souls Go are going well. I don’t have an ETA for you yet, but the book is pretty much a given at this point.
Also, if you’ve read AFASG, be sure to get an extra fix of stupidity in the Behind The Scenes section.

The Music Business
I shouldn’t say anything about this one really. There’s a chance it’s not even gonna happen at all, since I’ve now got Souls 2 and 3 in motion. But if it ever does happen, it’s gonna be so cool that I have to say something about it. 
It concerns a rock opera. And permission by the writer/composer to get my grubby paws on it.
I really want to name names, but I have to wait until I have time to make this thing take amazing flight, if at all.

The T-Shirt Business
I sell t-shirts. You might have noticed. It started when I got an idea for a great design based on the Vanishing Point movie poster, and a little dash of The Road Warrior. I mocked it up and sent it off to Rocio. She sent me back a metal as fuck picture in the style of the book cover.
At first I just slapped that on a shirt for myself, but then I was looking at my little Spreadshirt shop and thought it looked a little sad. It needed some filling up, and yes of course I went overboard! So now you can get that Return Of The Vindicator print on a shirt; the original book cover; I’ve slapped my personal logo on pretty much everything. It’s brilliant. You can get a mug with my name on it! Who the Hell wants that? I don’t know and I don’t care! But wait, there’s more! A Century Motors Badge and a Century Motors Crest are also available. I shit you not!
Only problem with Spreadshirt is that I barely make any margin on already kinda steep prices, and you need different links depending on your location. But, since I’m such a cool guy who really isn’t doing this for the money, I promise, here’s a nice comprehensive list for y’all.

*rubs chin*
“Hm. Not dead. Okay… Let’s see what’s on Netflix.”