Free Shit!

Book number two, now known as Herringwood Messiah, is in the last leg of its journey. I’m now at the point where I have to leave everything to mega corporations who really don’t give a shit and just wanna make a buck off my work. Joke’s on them, I guess.
I’ve got to wait for proof copies, so I can see what kind of stuff you will receive, and if I accept that quality. Have to wait until my uploaded materials are approved. Have to wait for this, have to wait for that.
Say what you will about Amazon, and of course we all hate them because it’s hip to do so, but they make the experience of self-publishing reasonably smooth. The idiots at IngramSpark, on the other hand…

Have you ever been in a room with old men and tried to explain a new idea to them? That’s kind of what dealing with IngramSpark feels like. They see problems where there aren’t any, because they didn’t complain when I did the exact same thing with the previous book. Amazon didn’t see a problem either.
So now we’re back at the proof copies. Amazon deals with that reasonably swiftly, but IngramSpark takes its sweet time. With As Far As Souls Go, I received my first proof from them about a month after the book went on sale.

Anyway, you didn’t come to hear me complain, you came because you want the free shit. Can’t blame ya. I like free shit so much, I might download the free shit myself, just so I can have more free shit.
You can find it at the bottom of this post, and at a dedicated page in the Behind The Scenes section, because that’s sort of where it goes.
You see, it’s a cut prologue from the book. It didn’t help the story itself, but it did tell you more about Rigby & Yaeger. And it was kinda fun. So I figured, since we’re waiting for release, I’d placate you with a free taste… So you want to pay for the rest.
No, that’s not at all like a drug dealer. I don’t employ underprivileged youths to hock my books on street corners…

Anyway, click the links at the bottom to get either a PDF, or an EPUB.
The EPUB comes in a zipfile because I’m not allowed to upload it otherwise. I’m sure there are good reasons for not allowing me to do what I want on my own site.
Anyway, just read slowly, because Herringwood Messiah is currently slated for June 30th. Might be sooner, might be later, but it won’t be in the thirty minutes you need to read the prologue.

Also, underprivileged youths looking for a career in sales: get in touch.