Guess who’s got the covid! Yeah, my number was up, apparently.
Strange how you never hear anyone about how it turned the lower half of their face into Freddy Krueger. But hey, at least I still have my sense of taste.
Anyway, it’s not all bad news. Unless you’re one of the coworkers that has to cover for me during an already busy week. In that case, I apologize to you. 

But! Quarantine offers a whole new range of options. The Dutch translation of As Far As Souls Go is making enormous leaps. The base translation is fully done, the reread is a chapter away from done, and I should be looking for a proofreader as soon as tomorrow. Don’t know how long they’ll take proofing it, especially considering the Dutch language needs a lot more words to get a message across, but while they’re doing that I’ve got a lot of time to focus on kicking Souls 2 back into gear. Had some trouble getting the story to work. Bunch of good ideas that I couldn’t get to connect. And now, by some strange way, penguins have been thrown into the mix. Can’t promise you’ll find any of those in the next book, but it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Also, going over the English version during translation, I’ve been able to sweep out some little inconsistencies and typo’s. Unfortunately, I’ve already kinda forgotten how Indesign works, so I’m not looking forward to reformatting the whole bastard again, but I guess I’ll have some time to re-educate myself. By the time a new edition comes around I might pull down the Amazon version completely to see if I can solve an issue with their “worldwide” sales policy, but the way things usually go with commercial overlords, I wouldn’t be surprised if I can’t upload the book at all anymore. The irony is that it won’t affect sales.
But, that’s all for later. I’ll keep y’all posted about it. Oh, and Jeff? Mr. Bezos, yes, you. Shoot yourself back into space and don’t bloody come down until Prime is any good. All the pretty content in the world doesn’t mean a thing if people have to suffer through that shit interface. Or promos for a provider they’re already using in the middle of a series binge. Actually, change everything but the X-ray function and we’ll see if we need you back on earth again.

Where the fuck was I?

Eh, doesn’t matter. I’m sick, I’m making progress on the book things, I look like Freddy Krueger now.

I wasn’t kidding.

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