The Bakkerbaard Method

Now available! The Bakkerbaard-method for learning Dutch!

Easy! Quick! Cheap!

The key to learning is to make it entertaining. That’s why you remember more Star Wars quotes than maths. To that end, I have compiled an educational package that focuses on entertaining you, instead of beating dry theory into your skull.
With the Bakkerbaard-method, you can learn conversational Dutch in as little as a month! You just take your copy of As Far As Souls Go and put it next to the all new Dutch version, Wat De Ziel Betreft. You control how fast you learn, and there is no homework! 
Well… it’s sort of all homework. I’m not going to have you over to read it here. I’m busy writing. Go away.

You’ll still be able to go out on the weekends and meet with your friends, but every new weekend, you can impress them with all the new Dutch words you’ve learned, and when you’re done you will be able to fluently order a round for everybody in any Dutch bar!

Don’t have the original English version? No problem!

Those are also still available, separately, or together with the Dutch version. If you’re really adventurous, you could pair up your As Far As Souls Go with the translation of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. It’ll be like cranking the difficulty level up to eleven, but you do you. You only live once, go nuts!

Double value for your money!

The course works the other way around too. Learning English becomes as easy as reading Dutch, though it makes this paragraph very useless. So… Leg ze naast elkaar en vergelijk. Voor je het weet bestel je bier in vloeiend Engels– Oh, dat kan je al? In veertien verschillende talen? Knap hoor. Ik ben ontzettend niet verrast, om de een of andere reden.

Get your copy today!

To order your copy, be it English, or Dutch, or both, go to any online bookseller of your preference. The course is also available in ebook! If you’re in the Netherlands, well, you might be a little late with studying Dutch. Still want to order, though? Order from me directly. Send a mail to and I’ll give you the proper price including shipping. Wherever possible, I will personally deliver, negating the shipping costs. How about that, huh? Way less awesome than it sounds, but I’m really doing my best to sell books here.

Anyway, The Dutch translation is finally available, is what I’m saying. Come and get it.