God Of T-Shirts

You spoke, and like the benevolent god I like to believe I am, I have listened.
You wanted the URLs gone, I have risked RSI to make them disappear. All shirts are now available without a bakkerbaard.nl anywhere on them, except for the license plate shirts. That’s the logo. It comes with a URL. Deal with it.
But, by granting your wishes, I also grant you responsibility. As Peter Parker’s uncle keeps insisting: “With great shirts comes great responsibility.”
Where you could previously just approach a person, dazzle them with a glorious print of a Century Vindicator R/T bursting out of your chest, and then have them absorb the directions to my website when you pass them by, that level of comfortable social detachment is now over. When the URLs came off the shirts, you became the Moses of your generation, and your shirt is your stone tablet.

It now rests solely on you to approach someone and whisper “Bakkerbaard.nl” as you pass them by. 

Or, you know, wear it around the house with unidentified stains on it and whisper “Bakkerbaard.nl” into your bowl of cereal as you watch Friends for the fifth time on Netflix. Whatever floats your boat. This whole post is just to let Jason Momoa know his shirt is available.

Also, because I’m such a flexible motherfucker—at least, to people who haven’t seen me walk—I’m open to suggestions. I placed the prints on the shirts based on knowledge gleaned from a wide variety of video games, for instance. Fuck if I know what a human looks like, so if you think a print is out of place, I can just move them around, no problem. 
Have a great idea? Drop it in my inbox.

Same goes for the book, by the way. Not that I’m gonna accept story suggestions. I’m sure there’s at least one joker out there who thinks Eddie should have the power of flight because that would be better for the environment, and to you I say things I shouldn’t write down. But there are always mistakes that slip through the cracks and I welcome messages pointing them out. You’d be doing yourself a favor. In two hundred years time, you’ll be in possession of an early, uncorrected print of a famous author who thinks he’s a god.
The easter egg hunt is also a permanent thing and a great way for you to get your name on my site. If you haven’t been through the Behind The Scenes section yet, find more about it here, but beware of spoilers.

Okay, let’s face it. I would definitely not be benevolent if I was a god.

Jason Momoa on the poster of SEE, repurposed to get people to look at my t-shirts because they probably wouldn't otherwise.
Oh, right. Yeah. Buy your shirts here if you’re European and buy them here if you’re American. If you’re somewhere else, start making friends in Europe or America quickly.