Signs Of Life

As Far As Souls Go is now available for pre-order. Do the clicky thing here if you want in on that.

I’ll admit… Not as exciting as I thought. Still pretty cool, though, but I’m more looking forward to the paperback. A tangible book on the shelf just looks cool, you know? 

Still, it’s alive!
This does mean I’m gonna have to prioritize making the Buy Stuff page look presentable and I have no idea how. I want fancy buttons, obviously. Buttons are awesome, as my site statistics seem to suggest. 
But that also means a lot of experimenting, so if you see some arcane symbols or mangled code on the Buy Stuff page, don’t fret! I am on that shit like flies on… ehm… feces.

Then there’s the issue of the release date. I thought I’d give myself some wiggle room by setting it to December 1st (2021, for those of you reading this in the future). Seemed like a date I could definitely make, but I’m hoping to get the whole party going before that.
And hoping Amazon will let me change it.
Anyway, we’ll burn that bridge when we cross it. Go pre-order the ebook and help me look like a bigshot author.
And if you don’t like Amazon, I’ve also got your back! Most other outlets don’t seem to do pre-orders, but I will be available on the likes of Google Play Books, Kobo, and Nook, to name but a few.
Hell, I’m not even above bringing the book over personally and giving you a kiss for buying it (there will be a markup on the price for people outside of my town, sorry).