No Promo For You!

Learn something new every day. 
Turns out people don’t want a website on their clothes, no matter how subtle it is. Eh, to be honest, it wasn’t subtle.
So, I keep hearing that people might be convinced to buy a shirt, but choose not to because I’ve slapped a URL on each and every one of them. Obviously, I thought it would be great promotion since my SEO is utter shite. I’ve tried googling myself, even though you’re not supposed to, and around page three I just gave up. I have the sixth most common last name in the Netherlands. If you google it, you’ll be getting a lot of bakeries and a party supplies store, for some reason. If I specifically search for my name in combination with the book title I get some hits to sellers, but it’s nothing to write home about.
Naturally, it’s more than enough to broadcast on a random blog.
Frankly, I think I’d prefer people talking shit about me over people not talking about me at all. In that same vein, or vain, as the case may be, I’d rather have people wear a shirt without website than no shirt at all…

Wait. I think it’s okay if some people don’t wear a shirt. Unfortunately, due to the current climate I can’t name names. Maybe I can get away with saying Jason Momoa doesn’t have to wear my shirt. Hold on. Phone…

Nope, lawyer says I can’t say that either. Everybody has to wear my shirts.

But! I’m nothing if not accommodating, so the shirt-shops will be closing down for a short period in which I will redo the available designs. I know you’re all just achin’ to get your hands on some merchandise—at least, I think that’s what all those zeros on my sales reports mean—but you’ll have to wait for a little bit. 

The shops are not closed yet, because I’m at my other job and they expect me to pay attention and stuff, but should you find them offline, fret not! It’s only temporary and you’ll all be better for it! (Read: I’ll get better off it.)

Pictuure of Jason Momoa supposedly wearing a Bakkerbaard t-shirt, uncluding a disclaimer. Mr. Lawyer, sir! It's got a disclaimer!